How to create an order from our offer?

You can choose different items from different categories. Just be careful, Breakfast we serve only until 11:00 a lunch menu you can order on weekdays between 11am and 3pm. Due to the current situation, the offer may vary from day to day. You select an item, enter the number of servings, add to your basket and choose the shipping method.

What happens after the order is shipped?

Once you submit your order (if you choose delivery via Liftago the order must be paid by credit card), we will start working on the order and you will receive a confirmation email. We guarantee delivery to your address within 90 minutes, but 90% we can deliver orders in less than within an hour. If you are ordering outside of our opening hours, you must choose the day and time we will prepare your order.

We wish you a pleasant purchase in our e-shop.